Absolute Industrial provides the appropriate level of manpower, tools and skill set necessary to manage all facility maintenance and emergency and crisis equipment maintenance requirements. Tradespeople will be allocated to general plant services and be crossed trained and responsible for all equipment within the facility.

Absolute will provide trade services with the following backgrounds:

  • Electrical: Fundamental electrical background, controls, robotics
  • Mechanical: Machine repair, millwright, welding, metalwork
  • Pneumatic: Pneuamtic, hydraulics, mech-electric controlled devices
  • Coordinators: Maintenance management planning


Absolute Industrial offers repair, refurbish, and replacement of your industrial assets including drives, PLC’s, power supplys, motors, gearboxes, brakes, etc.

Inventory Management Programs: spare parts management and inventory consolidation.

Absolute Industrial Automation will handle all transactions, for the replacement, replenishment, of all items deemed to be required to be stored. Absolute Industrial can reduce the vendor base, reducing the quantity and frequency of purchase orders. Through consolidation efforts, price reductions may be made available based on volume discounts.

Purchase orders will be reduced to a single monthly order made to Absolute Industrial, reducing the amount of time and logistics required to facilitate orders.